Let’s talk #momguilt


I’m a mom…which means I am well versed in the feelings of mom guilt!
You know the one (I know you do!).

The feelings of
“I should really……X,Y,Z””
“Why can’t I just…X,Y,Z”
“Why does everyone else seem to be able to…X,Y,Z”

And my personal variety as the twin mom that I am “I can’t do X,Y,Z for one and not the other”

One night a couple of weeks ago I just wanted to give my sleeping kiddos a kiss, because to be there is nothing better than smelling a freshly bathed kiddo and seeing them sleeping relaxed!!
So naturally I went into my kids room and gave my sleeping daughter a kiss knowing full well there was no way she was going to wake up.
But then I felt guilty….because I knew full well that if I gave my son a kiss he would wake up in a second but the thoughts creeped in..
“How can I give her a kiss and not him?”
“What if he thinks I don’t love him as much as I love her”
“What if he gets married in twenty years and never comes home because I didn’t kiss him enough when he was younger”

You know….all normal, totally reasonable mom thoughts!

So I gave him a kiss..and he woke up…..and he ended up sleeping the night on his mattress on our bedroom floor…….

Moral of the story….#momguilt is the WORST! And more often than not it doesn’t serve us in any real way.

I hear it all the time though!
“I feel like such a bad mom if I don’t make my kids exactly what they want”
“How can I not give my kids a snack when they’re asking for one? What kind of mom does that make me?”
“My kids tell me they’re starving when they’ve refused the dinner I made…I’m not supposed to give them something else?!!!”

” I must have done something wrong that made my kids this picky.”

Mamas- lemme break it down for you real quick

1. It’s not your “fault” if your child is picky. So many moms walk through my door with SOOO much guilt about their picky eaters. Mama, you didn’t kill a small animal, you just tried to feed your kiddo the only way you knew how. As moms that’s all we can do. When we know better, we do better.
2. You don’t need to feel guilty if you:
Don’t want to make six meals every single night for dinner
You would occasionally like to also be able to sit down to eat instead of feeding your six year old spoonful by spoonful
Would like to hear “yum” instead of “yuck”
Would like to stop needing to get up just as soon as you sat down to go get another snack ten minutes after dinner time.
You want to feel like a person at the dinner table and not like a waiter.

Here’s one strategy I want you to try the next time you feel these #momguilt thoughts creeping in.
Ask yourself “How would I feel if this was my kid instead of me?”

Would you be okay with your kids never getting the chance to sit down to eat? Or never sleeping? Or always stressing at mealtime?
Probably not….

I’ve already told you that I struggle with this too, so believe me you’re far from alone.
But repeat after me….if it’s not good enough for my kids then it’s not good enough for me! (Because at the end of the day, they’re going to grow up to do what they see).

If you want support knocking that mom guilt back into place let’s talk about it. Find a time for us to have a free phone conversation about bringing the joy back to your table guilt free!

From one Busy Mom to Another,