8 Week Family Food Philosophy

Let get one thing straight- feeding kids can be HARD, and when you don’t have a clear guide it can feel downright impossible! 

That all changes when you have solid Food Foundations. Without one, so many parents you’re stuck guessing, hoping and praying that they are saying, doing and feeding the right thing and feeling like it never seems to be working. 

If you’re ready to have a completely clear philosophy toward feeding your family to completely ditch the stress and mental overwhelm of feeding your family then let’s get started!

What’s included: 

1. 1 hour Comprehensive nutrition assessment

2. Customized recommendations report to get your family started

3.  7 follow up sessions with additional weekly action items and necessary work sheets 

4. Two months of daily email support  

One time Payment of $1197.00 

Or two payments of $650.0That all chan

12 Week Family Food Philosophy

Reducing mealtime stress is all about creating lasting changes to your mealtime routine. Lasting changes are best maintained when they are slow, steady and consistent! 

 12 week support builds on my 6 week plan with additional follow up, additional email support and additional supportive handouts to support your success. 

What’s included: 

1. Comprehensive nutrition assessment 

2. Customized recommendations report with the first three action items 

3. Three months of daily email support

4. weekly follow up for the first 6 plus 4 follow ups every other week for the next six-seven weeks

5. Weekly action items and necessary worksheets 

6. BONUS #1: One FREE 30 minute phone call to be used any time within six months of us working together 

7. Bonus #2: My E-book “Busy Mom’s Guide to Dinner” Completely FREE to support you in streamlining dinner prep with your busy lifestyle! 


One time payment: $1625.00 

Or 3 monthly payments of $575.00

One off Appointments and follow up packages 

Initial assessment (virtual): $165.00 

Initial assessment (in home) $199.00 

Follow up visit (virtual): $115.00 

Follow up visit (in home): $135.00 

Follow up Package: 

6 follow up sessions to be used within six months from purchase: $ 699.00

Mealtime Success Group Coaching

If you’re dealing with stressful meals you are FAR from alone. Tha’t why I love the Family Food Foundations group coaching program that gives you the best combo of mealtime coaching and a supportive group of parents just like you 


To confirm your spot on the waitlist email ! 

Many insurance companies provide coverage to contribute to dietitian services. Please consult your individual insurance plan to determine coverage