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ARM Yourself Dietetics

Are you struggling to find foods that your picky eater will enjoy? 

Are you finding yourself or your children dreading a stressful meal time?

Do you find yourself "gearing up" for the inevitable meal time battle from the minute you walk in the door?

Are you scaling a 5 or more out of ten in your meal time stress level? 

Ahuva Magder Hershkop is a Registered Dietitian and mom of two. As a busy mom, Ahuva knows that there are SO many challenges with parenting that we can't get away from, but we are not doomed to meal time struggles! 

Ahuva's areas of practice include addressing picky eating, promoting healthy growth and optimizing nutrition in the context of food allergy and Autism. 
Let Ahuva ARM You with the knowledge to end the meal time battles and make meals fun again! 

Recent Recipes

Salmon Burgers!
Salmon Burgers!
Ingredients: 3 15 oz cans salmon 2 tsp garlic powder 1 cup pureed pumpkin 2 frozen...
2 Minute Cinnamon Buns!
2 Minute Cinnamon Buns!
Ingredients for the buns: 1 loaf unbaked challah dough, defrosted 1 tbsp cinnamon + 1/4...
Oh So Crunchy Granola
Oh So Crunchy Granola
I've tried to make granola many a time, and as many as I have tried to make crispy crunchy granola...

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Client Testimonials

“Ahuva was great to work with. Working full time, and with my limited abilities in the kitchen, healthy eating can often be a challenge. Ahuva was patient, and very informative. She helped me create a weekly menu, and then showed me how to maneuver my way around the grocery store to ensure I would walk out with the healthiest basket possible, and only the ingredients I needed. She showed me some simple recipes that even I could make to ensure that my healthy items would not go to waste. Healthy eating seems a lot easier with my newfound skills!" Noah
 " My 19 year old son lost 27 pounds in 3 months. the reason he was able to achieve his goal, was the clear instruction that you gave him, the variety of foods recommended (not too much that it was overwhelming but enough that there was lots of choice) and the individual attention to his needs. He feels so much better, healthier and more confident. We're all thrilled with the results"
- Anonymous

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