New Years 2020!

But what if this year we didn’t think big? 

What if this year we thought small??

I’m not talking about Chihuahua small, I’m talking pocket sized puppy small. 

I’m talking smallest thing you can possibly think of small. 

Even if to you it seems like nothing. 

Even if you have such massive goals for the year. 

Even if taking that one step makes your goal seem almost further away! 

If your goal is to have a family meal every day, start with one meal in the week. 

If your goal is to eat half a plate of vegetables at every meal, try adding a small piece of cucumber to start. 

If your goal is to plan to have more home cooked meals start with ONE MEAL PER MONTH! 

And then- when you do, instead of saying “it wasn’t such a big deal” pat yourself on the back. 

Tell yourself how awesome you are. 

Remind yourself that taking that first step was HUGE. 

Then move onto the next small step and instead of waking up on December 31st 2020 and beating yourself up for not achieving your goals, you’ll get to celebrate everything you’ve managed to accomplish! 

So mama- what’s it going to be?

What’s your pocket sized puppy?! 

Head on over to the Busy Mom’s Community and let me know so we can plan together how to get it done! 

From one Busy Mom to Another.