Monthly Archives: November 2014

The whole deal on Whole Grains

There seems to be a hierarchy in the nutrition realm of bread products. Whole wheat products trump white, while Whole grain products are the king of them all. But there is quite a large difference between whole wheat and Whole grain- though they are often confused for the same thing. There are three parts of […]

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Roasted Sweet and Red Potatoes

Potatoes often get a bad reputation in nutrition media for being “high in carbs”. While Potatoes are in fact a vegetable, because they are so high in carbohydrates they really function more like your Starch choice, and so should be swapped for your rice or pasta! But not all potato recipes are created equal…your fresh […]

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Tea Latte aka “Lattea”

Though adults often do not get enough dairy products and Calcium in their diets, the number of adults seen chugging down glasses of milk are few and far between. The same can’t be said for coffee, tea and Lattes- just look at the lineup at any Starbucks location! Lattes can often have anywhere from one to […]

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