Monthly Archives: May 2015

EdemaME EdemaYOU :)

If it walks like a legume, and talks like a legume, it must be a…..soybean?!! Many people get confused with the difference between legumes- such as chickpeas, kidney beans and lentils, and soy beans (or edemame). Edemame are high in protein, just like other legumes, and therefore make a great snack to keep you feeling […]

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Should be be PRO Protein (Supplements)

Protein supplements, in the forms of powders and bars have long since been popular in the world of strength training. Supplements are found mostly made from Whey, however there are vegetarian and vegan options available. As a dietitian, one of the most common questions is, how much protein is necessary before, after, and during workouts, […]

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The real dangers of things like the #dadbod

The Dad bod is a new phenomenon taking over social media. The dad bod is all about promoting a less than firm tummy caused by overconsumption of alcohol and beer. While I have already illustrated the potential health implications of the “dad bod” on the news (click to the media page to see the full […]

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