Picky eating and Food Jags

Does your child only want one food again and again every day (or every meal)?

Do they then suddenly decide they don’t like that food and move onto another, only to end up in the same situation a week or month from now?

If so your child could be experiencing “Food Jag”.


With picky eating your child might reasonably rotate between 20+ foods and easily accept when one of their favourites are being served even if it isn’t the one they were expecting.

 Food Jagging is when a child wants to eat the same foods, made EXACTLY the same every day or every meal. Eventually kids will often burn out of that food, decide they don’t like it and leave their parents scrambling in a panic for what the next food could possibly be! 

If it sounds stressful it’s because it is! Especially if that is one of only 5-10 foods your child may actually eat. 

The best way to get out of a food jag rut is to: 

1. Prevent them from happening in the first place by offering a wide variety of foods (even if your kids aren’t eating them!!!). The more frequently your kids have the food they are jagging on the more quickly they will often burn out of them. More variety = less burn out 

2. Enjoy variety even within that food. If you’re enjoying waffles, eat them whole, cut them in half, make a star. Include any variety you can even within the same food you’re offering!


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