Monthly Archives: March 2015

Mixed veggie salad with an onion garlic vinagrette

Important fact: I do not do complicated in the kitchen. I like simple recipes that let you get in, get out and get EATING! For that reason, if I am pulling out an extra utensil you know it must be worth it. This dressing requires a food processor to puree the onion and garlic. the […]

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Spinach loaded herbed pasta

Making half your plate vegetables is a great way to boost the overall nutrition and fibre in your meal. But to some, half a plate of vegetables is just VERY overwhelming. So if getting extra vegetables on your plate is a challenge then this recipe is for you! This recipe beautifully “hides” it’s healthy spinach […]

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Gluten free baked schnitzel

normally schnitzel is coated in a thick batter and deep fried, but not today my friends- not today! Today I introduce you to a new kind of schnitzel. I know what you are thinking, if it’s not fried it can’t be good and that is where you are wrong! The almond meal toasts up beautifully […]

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