What are you teaching your kids about Health?

I was talking to a friend earlier and I needed to share what we were talking about with all of you.
Because if you’re anything like me…you stay up at night wondering how you can raise your kids as the best versions of themselves, while also knowing that unfortunately there isn’t a clear cut instruction manual for how to do that.

Every parent I speak to has a goal of raising “healthy kids”, and so when inevitably there are nights where take out needs to be ordered or nuggets are pulled from the freezer, or we all eat cereal and chocolate for dinner- well then its cue the epic MOM GUILT!

And if you’ve been waiting for someone to grant you permission to have days where you just feed your kids whatever you happen to see around or can order for delivery in five minutes flat, well then consider it granted.
Because nutrition is just ONE area of health and truthfully (speaking as someone who focuses on it for a living!) we think about it too much.

Teaching our kids about health means focusing on physical, mental, and emotional health. Sometimes teaching our kids about health means letting them see what when we are DONE, it’s healthy to take a break and order dinner out instead of stressing about cooking. Or it can look like letting our kids know that it’s okay to eat the comfort food when you want that *warm hug feeling* from your meal instead of the salad.

As parents, we need to stop focusing ONLY on nutrition to measure how  well we’re doing with raising healthy kids, and remembering that there are so many other ways we can teach them about health with food.

So the next time you feel guilty for whipping out the cereal for dinner ask yourself:

And then Remember that you are an AWESOME mama who is doing her best!

If you’re ready to gain clarity around what it means to raise ‘healthy kids” let’s jump on a clarity call and get started!