2 Minute Cinnamon Buns!

Ingredients for the buns:

1 loaf unbaked challah dough, defrosted

1 tbsp cinnamon + 1/4 cup sugar

2 tbsp butter/margarine/ canola oil

Ingredients for the glaze: 

2 cups icing sugar

1/4 cup warm water

1 tsp vanilla


Preheat the oven to 350F

Mix butter, cinnamon and sugar in a bowl

Slice the raw loaf in half and separate the strands of dough creating 12 little strands.

Smear cinnamon mixture on each piece of raw dough and roll into itself to form a cinnamon bun shape

Place each bun touching in a rough 9″ pan

Bake at 350F for 30 minutes or until browned on top

While the buns are in the oven prepare the glaze by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl until well combined

Remove the buns from the oven and while still warm drizzle half the glaze over the buns

Let the buns cool for 20 minutes and then pour the remaining glaze over the cinnamon buns!