Just Order the Take Out

Yesterday was an awesome day.
I went to hear Rachel Hollis and Tony Robbins and to be honest- jumped up and down more than I thought I would.
Among the many nuggets of gold that were shared throughout the day one of the ones that stuck with me most was thinking about the conversations we have in our heads.
You know…the little voice in your head that critiques everything most everything we do as moms!!
The one that not so quietly sits in judgement of your choices.

Mamas – let me just be straight with you. This week with Halloween AND Daylight Savings Time in one week (seriously who came up with that!?!!) that voice is probably going to be STRONG!!
Hopping out kids up with sugar and then having them potentially waking up an hour early is probably not the best case scenario for our parenting selves.
So really, to get through the weekend and the whole of next week the number one piece of advice I have is:

If it’s Halloween and you’re up to your eye-balls in last minute costume adjustments and candy runs and you’re stressing about getting dinner on the table- just order the takeout.

If your kids are going a little bit wacky on Sunday because they got up an hour earlier than usual and you’re literally spending the entire day fielding meltdowns…just order the take out.

If next week you’re exhausted because your internal clock is completely shifting…..JUST order the take out.

Or substitute order take out with, pick up a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store, make grilled cheese or cereal for dinner or anything that makes your life easier.

Because honestly, sometimes a mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do- voice in your head be damned! This week, with everything that is going on, what a mama has gotta do is make sure that your family has a nutritious dinner available for them- no matter how it gets to the table!

Because the truth is that how we are showing up to the table matters more in our family’s long term health than the food we’re putting on it. So if ordering the takeout has you showing up as a better version of yourself to the dinner table- soooo are you calling in the order or should I?

So if you’re waiting for your permission- consider it granted!

From one Busy Mom to Another,