Beating the Breakfast Rush

Once upon a time I used to pride myself on getting up and out the door in twenty minutes flat! 

Nowadays…..It can take that long for my daughter to decide if she wants to wear the unicorn shirt or the princess shirt to school! 

Mornings are HARD- especially when you’re trying to get everyone up, dressed, fed and out the door..

ESPECIALLY when you’re going back to this routine after a more relaxed summer schedule.

The one thing that has SAVED me on busy mornings has been creating a breakfast menu AND my compilation of quick and efficient breakfast options for my kiddos!

1. French Toast: I know, I know- french toast is a “weekend food”.  I involves cooking!! But french toast is really an “egg breakfast” in a convenient little package. I love using a full loaf of whole grain bread to make french toast and freeze them between sheets of wax paper. Then just pull out a couple of pieces and heat them in the toaster or microwave. 

2. Overnight oats: Oatmeal, yogurt, fruit ALL in one convenient package…..need I say more 

3. Oatmeal breakfast bars : Oatmeal made portable!

4. Egg muffins- create your favourite quiche recipe in muffin form. Freeze and pop a couple in a bag to take with you on the way!

What’s your favourite “grab-n-go” breakfast for busy mornings?!