It’s not all about the “What”

I went for a hair cut last week and found out that for all these years I had been washing my hair wrong... 
Well not wrong per se, but that there was definitely a better way to do it and that was was NOT the way I was doing it.

Now, if you're anything like me, you had no idea that there was a right and wrong way to wash your hair (if you did know this then please pretend for my sake because I clearly did not!!). All my life I had known the "What to" ie. I needed to wash my hair, but not the "how to", ie. the way that would clean my hair most effectively.

If there is one thing that dietitians hear from people all the time it's "I know what to do, I'm just not doing it". Right?? You've probably said it once or twice..... Because the fact of the matter is- the gap between the "what to" and the "how to" in life is MASSIVE.
Going to bed earlier? a "What to"
Eating better? a "What to"
Stress less? Definite "What to" !!
All of those are well and nice but without figuring out how any change to your routine can reasonably fit into your day to day life.....we can all agree none of them stand a chance in happening.

Because practically speaking the "What to" is pretty useless. It's the equivalent to discussing the way you wished a movie might have some great thoughts but they don't really make a difference!

Theoretically to be healthier, we all know the "what to" of eating more broccoli. But in the moment, when faced with a choice between chocolate cake and a head of broccoli the "how" of making that decision is the challenge. It's the same with changing our kids mealtime routines. I could tell you a million times over not to make a second meal for your child, or to serve fewer snacks or eat more family meals, and as a dietitian I know that those are reasonable recommendations. As a mom, I think- all of that sounds well and nice but without the "HOW TO" of preventing a two year old meltdown when they're refused their favourite meal (not speaking from experience or anything) those recommendations will be as useful in a precarious situation as an empty roll of toilet paper. So with that in mind, during sessions in addition to wearing my dietitian hat- the one that makes me a person well versed in the "what to"- I always wear my "mom hat". That's the hat that helps me navigate the challenge that is raising healthy little kids, and the "how to" of ensuring that any change is truly sustainable! So if you've ever wondered to yourself "Why can't I just seem to do this thing that I know I'm supposed to do", consider whether you feel like you have the support to bridge the gap between the "what to" and the "how to"- because that my friends is EVERYTHING! Whether it's working with me, or another professional you trust, or some moms who have kids who are older than yours find your people and make sure you have the support that you need.

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