Confessions of a “Lazy Mom”

For a long time I’ve run my practice thinking only as a dietitian- because really what else would I be running a practice as?? But when I think back to every suggestion I’ve made to clients, and quite frankly the things I used to do before becoming a mom sometimes I just have to laugh. Spend an extra thirty minutes in the morning making breakfast? Nowadays I’ll take the extra sleep thanks. Think of new ideas for dinner every day? Definitely not happening. Basically even with everything that I know about food and nutrition, becoming a mom has made me very lazy in A LOT of ways. Now, correct me if I’m wrong here but I’ve always seen the word “lazy” as having a negative connotation. When someone is described as lazy I literally start picturing a sloth sitting on the couch. But if I had to describe my overall parenting style, I might consider myself a “lazy mom”.

I know what you’re probably thinking- why would anyone want to be a “lazy mom”. And if you’re really that “lazy” why are you telling people? Aren’t you supposed to be embarrassed about something like that?
But here is the thing- I’m proud to be a lazy mom.
My kids are well fed, clean (if you don’t count the yogurt they love to hide behind their ears), and are being generally raised to be functioning members of society. I plan to keep them that way, but if that can happen with minimal effort from me- I will be that much happier.
As a Registered Dietitian talking to parents about their children’s eating habits I can’t tell you the number of times an answer to a question is preceded with “Don’t judge me but..” .
But, sometimes dinner is a tuna sandwich…
But sometimes my kids watch tv because for the love of all that is good in the world I just needed to get something done
But sometimes I hide the best ice cream from my kids because sometimes mama just needs the good stuff after a long day and they’re really happy with the no name brand
Sound familiar?

As moms we expect a lot from ourselves and living in the age of social media doesn’t help matters. We’re constantly bombarded by pictures and stories of peoples perfectly dressed kids, perfectly cooked meals, and perfectly cleaned houses.
And if you’re one of those parents who manages to pull that off then please, show me your ways!
If your house is only mostly clean, your kids are generally fed (didn’t ask what!), and your kids spend more time with their clothes on their head than on their bodies- then keep reading my friend!
Because the good news is that I’m here to not only tell you that it’s okay and your kids will probably turn out just fine, but also to give you every tip and trick I have learned along the way (both in actual school for the actual degree I have and in the much more difficult lesson that is being a mom of twins) for cutting corners and saving time without sacrificing your family’s health.

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