Tahini Nutella

So many of the kids I work with talk about Nutella. 

Now, personally I’m not a huge fan of the stuff, but I know lots and lots of kids who are and lots of kids who are devastated to find out that they have to give it up when they are diagnosed with a nut or dairy allergy.

Nut butters and nutella are some of the most common protein sources used for a quick breakfast and if there is anything I feel strongly about it’s that breakfast has to be quick in the morning! That’s why I came up with my recipe for Tahini nutella. 

Tahini is a paste made from ground sesame making it a great source of protein and calcium, and oh so useful for families with food allergies. It can be used in smoothies, stirred into oatmeal or used to make my Tahini Nutella as part of a balanced breakfast! 


Tahini Nutella: 



1/2 cup nut free tahini paste

1/2 cup water

2 tbsp cocoa powder 

2 tbsp maple syrup/honey or sugar 


Stir all ingredients together in an airtight container and refrigerate. This “nutella” is going to be super thick so if you want it to be a little bit thinner add 1-2 tsp of water at a time and stir to combine!