New Flavors, New Foods

I had a client of mine who was around 10 years old tell me that vegetables weren’t really his thing. Sometimes I think we all feel that way about certain foods or experiences. We try sashimi once and decide that fish isn’t our thing, or try boiled brussel sprouts and say thanks but no thanks. But the truth is sometimes we don’t know what “our thing” is. For children (as I’ve said before) it can take 10-20 neutral exposures to a food before they will try it, and often even more before they decide that they like it.
Sometimes as parents we often think that this means one of two things.
1. Our kids don’t like a food if they don’t like it the first time
2. We should be serving a food in the exact same way every time so that our children learn to like that particular item.

But really – think about some foods that you like some ways and not others. If you don’t like sashimi you may like fish and chips! Don’t like boiled Brussel sprouts….try them really any other way!
Don’t be afraid to let your kiddos try the same thing multiple different ways including the way they were served the first time. For example blueberries could be presented on their own, could be presented as a yummy frozen snack or in pancakes or muffins. Even though blueberries have been served before the new way of serving them makes them a NEW FOOD to your kiddo!

By the time we’re adults we have tried most of the foods that we are going to try in our lifetime but serving them in a new way still adds an element of excitement to our every day routine! I love using new spices and flavors on a food I make all the time just to change things up every once in a while.
Whether you’re trying to think of new ways to introduce an “old food” to your child or just trying to change up your routine, instead of looking for a completely new food try thinking of a food you eat regularly and how you can prepare it in a different way!
Normally when I roast broccoli I just add some olive oil and spices but this week I decided to make my garlicky lemon broccoli with sumac chickpeas. Just by changing the flavors it puts a whole new spin on the foods you eat every day!