Welcome to the Veggie Challenge!

Welcome to the first month of our #lazymom veggie challenge. While working with clients, talking to friends, being a mom, there is one thing I think every parent has agreed on- feeding kids is hard! And don’t even get me started on vegetables!
There are some kids will inhale every head of broccoli in sight, and others who shudder the minute it’s brought into the room, and some may be stuck on cucumbers and ONLY cucumbers. Some of you may have kids who fit into these categories and others might be introducing new foods to your little one for the first time.
Wherever you are on the veggie spectrum, it’s frustrating to keep trying to feed your children vegetables over and over only to have them turn their noses up every time. Why spend your money, time and effort on something only to have it totally rejected- and I hear you all on that one. There is nothing that I want to do less after a day of work than make a dinner I know will end up on the floor.

Kids often reject reasons for a couple of reasons:

1. They’re typically a new foods. Many kids are served pizza, chicken, French fries etc day after day so when those foods make it onto their plate they will happily chow down. As adults we often get nervous trying new foods- will it make us sick? Will squid taste like chicken? Just like we may need to see new foods a couple of times before we choose to dive in, certain foods need to become “regular fare” before kids are willing to even pick them up. Sometimes kids need to try the same vegetable the same way multiple times, and different ways before committing to one that they like (exhausting I know) which is why I’m giving you three recipes every week to choose from. Don’t be afraid to try all three multiple times, your kids may surprise you in how their tastes change from one time to the next.

2. Parents often help feed their kids for too long. Believe me, I can list off ten reasons (cleaner floors, quicker meals, more bites etc.) why spoon feeding can be beneficial. BUT just for a minute, imagine someone scooping dirt off the ground and trying to spoon feed you. Would you open your mouth? I know it’s a bit of an extreme example but think about it. When your child has never seen a food before it’s kind of the same thing. Before committing to eating a food children often want to play with it, feel its texture, smell it. The more you encourage your child to play with their food the more likely they are to try that piece of chicken in the end!

3. Parents assume that kids MUST eat their vegetables plain. I love steamed broccoli, but I prefer my tomatoes and cucumbers in a tangy vinaigrette thank you very much. While its great to sometimes give your kids the plain versions of vegetables, it’s MORE than okay to make veggies fun as well. Serve cucumbers with a fun dip, roast vegetables and add different flavours. I’ve tried to leave 1-2 recipes with simple flavours so the vegetable can really shine through- but in others I’ve paired vegetables with new flavours so everyone may get to try something new.

I am not a food blogger, so while I will always share the sources for recipes, and any that have been adapted I can’t promise that EVERY recipe will be original. Many are my own concoctions (because I’m awful at following recipes and normally end up in a way different place than I thought I would more often than not) but when they are not I will direct you with where to find them and any variations I have made along the way!

Happy Cooking!!!!