Keeping it current and delicious!

This post is slightly overdue from a weekend I got to spend my time doing one of my favourite things- trailing the aisles at the organic food and product show.

Now I was really there helping out a family member who had a vendor booth there, but to be honest, I think from my first sight of cinnamon raisin gluten free bread lightly toasted and sliced into cute little squares (available from the little northern bakery at a variety of locations in the GTA by the way) – I think my helping skills went down the tubes.

As a dietitian its always important to stay up to date on the most current trends and products in the market.

Whether or not they pass muster from a health and nutrition perspective, the only way our clients will know is if we do!

There are many health claims that are put on food items nowadays which can make it confusing for consumers to identify the best products out there. As dietitians we are here to be your guide to the grocery store aisle to help you achieve your best health and the best bang for your buck.

Don’t worry- I make sure to taste test before! Only for you all 🙂


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