The importance of giving thanks!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. A day dedicated to being grateful and appreciative for what we have- What could be wrong with that??

But quite often between turkey, stuffing, and sides, too many of us are thankful our pant zippers haven’t given out be the end of it!

To enjoy a healthier holiday this year focus on what the day is really about- spending quality time with family and friends and being appreciative for them.

Instead of excitedly loading your plate with each food item as it goes down the table, wait until everything has been placed. Take a moment to appreciate everything available to you! This will also allow you to choose your favourites from the menu- the foods you can’t live without – rather than taking some turkey only because you didn’t realize there was a roast coming……and then eating both.

Start your day off right by eating a balanced breakfast and lunch. “Saving up” calories for a later time, usually means sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner ready for eat someone’e arm off rather than patiently saying grace before the meal. Eating balanced meals and snacks throughout the day sets you up to make better choices when you finally sit down to dinner.

And remember this day is about enjoying with family! Make the time spent, not the food available, the focus. Rather than having an hour for cocktails and hours dourves, spend that time taking a walk or playing a game outside!

When you spend the day REALLY saying thanks- your body will thank you back!

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