Making Zoodles!

To start all that you need is a Zucchini, a cutting board, a knife and a vegetable peeler.
2015-04-22 10.08.41

Start Peeling the zucchini until you get about half way. Then turn the zucchini over and start on the other side.

When you have gotten as far as you can you can flip it over to one of the other sides and continue peeling or begin thinly slicing with a knife!
2015-04-22 10.09.43

If you want the slices to be more like spaghetti than fettucine, feel free to cut them in half or thirds when you are done.

2015-04-22 10.10.25
The top with your favourite sauce and enjoy either raw or lightly boiled for 1-2 minutes!

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