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A Registered Dietitian is just a phone call away! Ahuva Magder, MAN, RD 647-282-5140

ARM Yourself Dietetics

There are so many challenges in parenting- meal time shouldn’t be one of them!

Let Ahuva ARM You with the knowledge to end the meal time battles

Recent Recipes

Five Minute Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars
Five Minute Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars
You know the mom- the one who has the cookies or cake ready. The cookies that take overnight...
Best Tuna Burgers
Best Tuna Burgers
You really can't argue with the amazingness of a good burger and fries. But sometimes a girl needs...
Oats on the Go!
Oats on the Go!
I am all about warm, satisfying breakfasts in the morning! But with two toddlers to get dressed,...

Latest Blog

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So am I failing as a parent?
I had to go to school for years to become a dietitian. Then even when I was done there...
Dietitian- MaMA!
Very often I hear myself telling patients that my advice is "easier said than done". A...

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Call or email to book an appointment. 647-282-5140 or

Client Testimonials

“Ahuva was great to work with. Working full time, and with my limited abilities in the kitchen, healthy eating can often be a challenge. Ahuva was patient, and very informative. She helped me create a weekly menu, and then showed me how to maneuver my way around the grocery store to ensure I would walk out with the healthiest basket possible, and only the ingredients I needed. She showed me some simple recipes that even I could make to ensure that my healthy items would not go to waste. Healthy eating seems a lot easier with my newfound skills!” Noah
 ” My 19 year old son lost 27 pounds in 3 months. the reason he was able to achieve his goal, was the clear instruction that you gave him, the variety of foods recommended (not too much that it was overwhelming but enough that there was lots of choice) and the individual attention to his needs. He feels so much better, healthier and more confident. We’re all thrilled with the results”
– Anonymous

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